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Why the price of your house should be affordable

For many homeowners, determining the right price for their homes is always a challenging step. Setting the right price is important because it determines how fast you will sell the house or whether any prospective homebuyers will make an offer. But when setting the price to sell house fast, it is important to set the price by looking at what the buyer can actually afford. For many homebuyers, they usually buy houses based on the monthly mortgage payments they can afford. Basically, most buyers do not always have the cash of buying a house outright and consider using banks to lend them the money.

It is advisable that you should try as much as possible to calculate a homebuyer’s monthly payments. This can be achieved by using a 20% down, a competitive interest rate and a 30-year term. By looking at these three factors, you will be able to translate the house into the terms of the buyer. If a homebuyer determines that the price of the house is in line with what he/she is expected to pay as monthly payments for a period of 15 or 30 years, the buyer will be able to take the deal and you will sell my house fast.

This is actually a strategy used by car dealers because they mostly focus on the customer based on the monthly payments in order to emphasize on affordability instead of sticker price. Generally, affordability of owning a house on a mortgage is determined by the monthly payment a homebuyer will have to make. It is easy to now estimate the monthly payment a homebuyer is likely to pay by using online loan calculators or having a real estate agent provide a lender’s interest rate chart. You should therefore include the price calculation in the promotional packet to ensure more buyers make an offer to buy your house. This is an effective way on how to sell your house fast. click here to get more information who buys houses.