What features should you look for when purchasing headphones

The best headphones under $200 need not be a compromise on the audio experience. Here are some features to be kept in mind when purchasing headphones and how you can get the best headphones under $200.

a) Bass – most earbuds except the high end models are not able to compete when it comes to full size headphones which are over the ear type and which have a deep bass response as well as a dynamic visceral range. b) Closed or open – those headphones which are sealed and noise isolating ones, isolate the ears from other sounds of the environment. The amount of isolation depends on the kind of headphones and the seal limits as well as the leakage. The models which are sealed are meant for private listening where you do not want other people to hear the sounds. The open ear ones allow for outside sounds to be audible as well as the headphone sound is audible to the people nearby as well.
c) Weight and comfort – In order to check the comfort level, one needs to listen for atleast 10 minutes. Only then will the user realize if there is too much pressure on the ears or if it is uncomfortably hot. Those headphones that are bulky also need to be tested to see if it gets too heavy after using it for a long time. d) Durable – You need to see how long the headphones will last. You need to check if they are easy to fold up and store or if the hinges seem strong enough. e) Cable length and dressing - You need to see if there is a Y cable where both earpieces are connected or a single sided cable. There are I-plugs or angled plugs. The angled ones are better if you have a portable player which has either a bottom or side mounted jack.