Top reasons why you need to buy LOL accounts

The amount of time it takes to play and attain a very high level in league of legends is approximately 9 hours , this is man hours that could have being put into something else, bearing in mind that when you level up, you might now begin to enjoy playing in the ranked arena. There are so many reasons why you should buy league accounts , apart from the obvious reason that it saves time and just incase you have being curious to experience other levels you can easily do that with your new account that is already leveled up. Also many people who buy LOL accounts enjoy playing with their friends.

You might have a friend in another level that you want to play with. Most of the times, this friend might even be in a lower level. You can easily buy league account that is in the same level with your friend with the same skill. If you are also playing with a friend in a higher level, you can do this all the same. This gives you the opportunity to play with skilled players or low skilled players as the case maybe. Did you ever know that buying an account in LOL is actually cheaper than getting an account for free? Just in case you are wondering how. Won’t it be interesting to use an account that comes with at least four or more champions already unlocked? While most accounts also come with IPs in them that you can use to get more champions or runes, in a free account, you would have to spend more money in buying champions and also more time trying to gather enough IPs. If you ever do gather enough, you might still need to pay for them.When you go with LOL smurf account, you get all that as part of the account,leaving you with more options for fun.