Top home keeping tips that any domestic helper should find most useful

For many foreign domestic helper , getting a grasp on how to get the house organized can be a rather daunting task that surely has a way of stretching them to their very limits. This is the reasons why it is very important to know the right strategy and approach to employ with a view to maximizing the situation. First and foremost, you must be willing to throw your preconceived methods and approach into the trash can and be willing to learn something new and innovative. Today, I will show you just a few of them.

Switch off the phone

It is only normal that you want a little music in the background alongside the fact that you may want to respond to a call or chat from home. This is the reason why you must be disciplined enough to either switch off your phone or outrightly put it far away from you. You do not need distractions that will make you forget to clean one sensitive spot or the other.

Start from the easy tasks

If you seek to stay motivated while doing your work, then you must be willing to start from the small easy tasks that should ordinarily not take too much time to get done. Start with the hitherto not too dirty rooms before migrating to the more difficult segments of the home such as the bathroom.

Shake the dirt on the floor

you may want to consider adopting the top to bottom rule that applies to cleaning all rooms, and knock the debris and dust from the curtains, book shelves as well as mantles unto the floor even as you work your way downwards, you can then vacuum it up later. This should help make the job a lot faster especially if your vacuum cleaner is in good shape.

This should help just about any domestic helperachieve all round cleanliness in the home in record time.