Know the biography of Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a sexiest, Hollywood actress and was daughter of Jon Voight born in beautiful place Los Angeles. She gained worldwide fame by his wonderful performances in Movie Deliverance, Midnight Cowboy, as well as coming home if people want to see her performance photos visit the most favorable link She won Oscar for his mind-blowing performances in those fantastic movies. Her mother was a beautiful part- Iroquois and a French actress as well as Marceline Bertrand model. When Jolie was of 2 years her parents get separated, so after this incidence her mother shift to east coast region with his son James and daughter Angelina, there they all live in Palisades, US.

Even though her parents’ divorce, she remembers her time of childhood and missed the old lovable moments. She is madly fan of Trek and has a great crush on star Mr. Spock! Angelina tastes in sweet pets was completely real she has a habit of collecting lizards and snakes. Angelina favorite snake was Harry Dean Stanton she really love pet animals and in case of lizard was Vladimir The link contains all pet images of Angelina Jolie as well as other stars. She joined a kissy girl group in her school times but school was disclosed and the group girls broke. When she turns to 11 her mother again take her back to Los Angeles then she decided to make her dreams true of becoming Hollywood actress and leaned acting lessons at drama academy. At Beverly high school she didn’t a lot because every time she teased for too skinny braces and glasses. The rejection and teases Angelina experienced have a very bad effect on her self esteem she decides to drop out. She dyes her hair in purple color. She made lots of scars in her body if you want to watch them all see it on click here to get more information richest celebrities.