Hungry Shark World Guide: Unlock More Sharks

Need more Hungry Shark World suggestions? We have got them right here, so when a primer for those that missed the initial part, this can be a game from Future Games London, accessible on Google Play Store and both Apple App Store. Your aim is to eat as many creatures as feasible roll up/unlock as many of the accessible sharks of the game, and you will have the opportunity to develop your shark as you go through the assignments.

Last time, we offered you hungry shark world hack, but now, we’ll focus on those suggestions best used by people who have been playing with the game for a few time.

1. Acquire Some Assistance from An Infant Shark

Infant Sharks are this game's equivalent of pets -- they help you in eating things you see in the ocean and swim next to your shark. It's possible for you to buy Infant Sharks with stone or coins -- this could set you back as few as 20 stone to get as many as 900 to get a baby Megalodon Shark or a baby Mako Shark. The baby Reef Shark is the sole one you'll be able to buy with coins, which is likely to set you back a thousand of the primary money of the game.

2. The Best Way To Evolve Your Sharks

Increase points are earned by you as your sharks eat more and more sea creatures, and such points will soon be found in discovering when your sharks be even more fearsome and can level up. The Reef Shark is the simplest to level up (1,000 points for free), followed by the Mako (2,000 points plus 1,500 coins), the Hammerhead (3,950 points plus 6,000 coins), the Tiger Shark (7,350 points plus 15,000 coins), the Great White (14,500 points plus 35,000 coins), and ultimately the Megalodon (42,550 points plus 50,000 coins).