How to use and maintain upholstery leather?

First of all you need to know how upholstery leather is tanned. Then the leather is finished using various techniques. Natural scars and marks are a sign of the fine leather. Some proper care and maintenance this will remain good for many, many years and need not be replaced like others synthetics and fabrics.

Leather furniture looks beautiful for ages but many people think it is not right to make leather as a part of the home. They think it is difficult to maintain leather furniture because of children and pets at home. But it is not true. If you follow the steps below your leathered upholster furniture would last long.

Steps to follow for maintenance of Upholstery Leather

·         Wipe the leather furniture regularly with a clean and dry cloth.

·         The best way to clean leathered furniture is by using vacuum cleaners as it helps to draw out dust from corners. You don’t need special precautions to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

·         Use leather conditioners regularly to protect your leather furniture from drying out and developing cracks.

·         If you find spilt liquid on the furniture clean immediately. Use a dry cloth to absorb the liquid.

·         Avoid soaking leather in soap or water.

·         Avoid using those cleaning products, which are not designed for the leather purpose.

·         Keep leathered furniture out of direct sunlight.

·         Buff small scratches in the leather with a microfiber cloth.

Some home remedies to maintain upholstery leather furniture

·         Baby wipes are useful to clean leather furniture.

·         A mixture of vinegar, lemon and lemon drops can also act as leather cleaner.

·         Baby shampoos and soap can also be used as a cleanser.

Follow the above steps or use any of the home remedies to make your upholstery leather last for a long period of time.