Helpful Hints For Setting Up a Pop Up Tent

1. Be sure to are in possession of a level place that can fit shape and the size of your tent. 2. If it rains look around to ensure the place you selected WOn't get flooded. 3. Clear the place which you decided.

a. Pick up any sticks or rocks that could poke holes in the underside or your pop up tent 4. Put the tent out level before starting gathering and be sure to have all of the components. a. Lay out all the posts and make sure they're safe. 5. Place at a time, through the pockets that are right. a. For those who got two individuals it's much more easy to assembly. 6. Fit the post into one end of the tent then in order to fit the opposite end, turn the post. Helpful hints: If you're camping in gusty conditions, you might want to add the stakes. Because in standard states your equipment is going to be enough to hold the tent set up the stakes aren't needed. Keep bedding from the sides of the pop up tent, by doing this you'll avoid damaging your tent. It's an incredibly good thought to ensure that your pop up tent is dry before you pack it up. We had a 2 man tent that we might turn down while it was assembled. By doing this the underside would dry. In the event that you cannot where you're dry it make certain to unpack it before you stow it away, and air dry the tent.