Guide to Downloading New Films Online

PSP continues to be out there for some time now, but fans still have a lot of questions on the best way to download movies.. Now, I'll guide you by way of this procedure that is very straightforward. You may have the ability to download you favourite (megafilmes) mega movies right away! The first thing is to get a memory stick to download movies to your PSP. I'd personally urge you to get 1Gb and that means you've got sufficient space for you downloads. You could nevertheless use 256Mb of memory, it ought to be sufficient for a lot of downloads.

Second thing you will need, to find a way to transfer files from your computer to PSP. In order to get this done, you'll require a USB cable. This need to be connected between your Computer accessory and PSP. USB cable can be purchased by you in almost any electronic shop, and its own comparatively inexpensive. Essential detail to recall and third, before downloading the megafilmes PSP, is to make certain, that you've got the right version of firmware. It's to be version 1.5, or you will not be able to play some media files.

For those who possess an increased version of firmware, you'll need to downgrade it (if it's higher than 1.5) before you begin the download procedure. Eventually we're prepared for the transport, Ta da!!!. Now that which you've got to do is: a.Open folder in your pc where all PSP files are. b.Open folder on PSP, where all files is likely to be transferred to c.Using mouse drag and drop selected files to PSP. SIGNIFICANT! In the event you will not pay attention and download files to incorrect place (folder), your movies will not work. While you're carrying this out, thus pay close attention.