Football (fussball) and recent times

Ball games did not just get popular a few years back; it is a game that has been in existence long before the emergence of technology. Ancient Greeks and Roman played ball games. These games were quite similar to the ball games we see today. Ball games have been played by many civilizations in different forms. The event of ball games is always considered to be very competitive so therefore it attracts a lot of attention. Both old and young are seen to be always excited when it comes to ball games. Ball games are of many types, these may include rugby, American football, and Canadian football and so on. One of the very common traits they all share is that there is always the presence of two different teams competing, there is a goal area and common skills like passing and tackling are involved. In present times, fußball (Football) also known as soccer has risen to be the most popular of them all. Attracting the crowd from all around the world.

Being a game of great attraction, it brings so many individuals together. There are several cases in history when there was a ceasefire during wars so that a football match could be played. Football (fußball) is one of the most engaging subjects in the world such that many fans could sit down and recount the history of their favorite teams, calling out the result of matches played in the past and giving a detailed statistical report on their favorite teams.

 A standard Football (fussball) match lasts for about 5400seconds. Sometimes as a result of a tie in the game, extra time is added and on few occasions, the teams proceed to have a penalty shoot during with the competing teams are given equal chances to score goals and win the competition