Features of the GPS champs tracking device.

The GPS champ is a great software for global tracking and guess what it is made in India. This product is known to have high accuracy and fantastic flexibility. Several sensors and multiple cameras are used to make the tracking more accurate. The Gps tracker has an interactive user interface and state of art internal architecture that provides outstanding performance. It can be used for multiple purposes likeyou can track the specific things or track yourself. It also specializes in specific single point tracking. If you don’t believe us then check live demo available on our website and experience its awesomeness.

Gps tracker is the most advanced software which has featureslike live tracking,Detailed report generations, user friendly UI etc. The reports generated by gps tracking system are customised so they can be easilyunderstood. Data mining and Big data approaches played an important role in simplifying the report. The customised platform helps the app to work on different platforms like IOS and Android. We also provide API access for third-party integration. Advanced IoT solutions are used to give optimum results. TheGPS tracking devices software is available on SaaS i.e. Software as service cloud architecture.So,you can a ‘get on-cloud’or‘on-premises’ solution. The mobile app is designed to use the given sensor in such a way that it gives real time location with a pin point accuracy. The intuitive interface design makes it easy to understand. This app is so easy to use that you can share locations with a single click. One of the unique feature is that ‘alerts’ where system will give alerts and timely reports that can help you in your business. Vehicle maintenance alert and also replay route feature are the highlights of the app. This application is great because you need to upgrade yourself as per the competition in the market and this app helps you achieve that. You can even customize this system like add your logo and change colour.