DasCoin the Competition is Appearing!

I've gathered several excerpts from posts written about cryptocurrency. As I keep preparing my self with this boom strength type and following I always look for sanction of the DasCoin Business model. I picked out a couple of points that were important.
 The Coin Telegraph 21.4.17Chief Product Official at Whale club Ian Glindro said he foresees "strong demand" for Dash as the altcoin's success story continues its extensive upward tendency. "We were impressed with Dash's payment network increase, initiation and DAO structure. (DasCoin is better!)
We anticipate strong demand as the Dash ecosystem proceeds to develop worldwide and investors look for a competent and challenging Bitcoin choice," he said. Within days gone by, month Dash has traded at as low as $54 and over $100 per coin. It is now hovering at around $70, while in the start of the entire year cost only $11.
Financial Advisor 20.4.17Former Deputy Treasury Secretary Sarah Bloom Raskin told the Washington D.C. party that consumer protection is an issue with bitcoins because they could vanish from a consumer's account.(Can Not occur with the Encryption Technology of the DasCoin WebWallet!)
While bitcoins have gotten off to a small beginning, using their popularity mainly with offenders, the inherent blockchain technology could become prevalent, Raskin said. (DasCoin's Propriety Permission BlockChain is what Raskin is referring to!)
 Blockchains are basically shut networks where all transactions are recorded and accessible to most of the participants and the conditions are agreed to by everyone in a chain. Speaking generally about financial technology---an arena that contains bitcoins---Raskin said the sector has a trust hurdle to surmount before it will be taken as a mainstream currency. DasCoin will be the Currency of Trust!