Are there any competitions in Vaping?

You will be astonished to know that there are competitions in Vaping. Yes, there is something called as cloud-chasing where a lot of e-cigarette users come and blow clouds of aerosol. This is called as cloud-chasing and a lot of people in The United States of America are fond of blowing these huge clouds of aerosol using the best vape mod along with the best Vaping techniques.

This competition or game of cloud-chasing gained popularity in the around 2014 and also had some articles being covered on some of the top most magazines like The Guardian, Gizmodo and The Huffington Post. Cloud chasing also became famous in Canada and Indonesia too. Another thing that would make you gaga over Vaping is that these contests are internationally where professionals, called as Professional Vapers take part in the competitions.

Vapers who are into blowing huge clouds of aerosol are called as cloud-chasers. The professionals who compete in the contests flaunt their skills of cloud chasing against another player and sometimes the clouds are blown in the form of shapes based on their expertise levels. You need to understand the techniques of blowing those clouds and by just using the best box mod; you may not be in a position to win the competition.

There are tricks involved in the competitions like exhaling the vapor through mouth and inhaling it with your nostrils at the same time and you must know that Vaping competitions are majorly dominated by the teenagers. The spectators present in the competition are known as the cloud-gazers. Isn’t it nice to take part in something that you would love to be doing to satisfy your craving soul? Well, cloud-chasing with Vape mods is gaining a lot of popularity, click to know more about it on today and part in the most happening competition.